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No risk to corrupt or lost your data during files protection No risk to corrupt or lost your data at external drive
Because SecureNTFS does not change the structure of your files, there is no risk of file corruption or lost data
No installation required No installation required
Unlike many secure storage services, SecureNTFS allows you to run the program directly from external drive for added security.
No Admin rights required No Admin rights required
SecureNTFS allows you to access your files from virtually any computer in any location without admin rights.
Any disk size or types supported No limitations for drive size or types - hard drive, flash, usb keys
SecureNTFS allows you to store your hidden files on any type of removable drive.
protect external drive protect removable disk
The amount of data you store is only limited by the size of the drive you are storing your information on.
password protect drive password protect HDD
With SecureNTFS there is no need to “close” or “lock” your storage device. Just release and unplug and your secret files will automatically be closed and secured.

SecureNTFS can protect your secret files and folders on any* external drive by creating invisible, secure password-protected storage. With Secure NTFS you can:

  • Protect your files directly on your removable drive with no installation required.
  • Get access to your hidden files wherever and whenever you want, from any computer at any location without the need for administrator rights**.
  • Install your files on any removable storage device including removable hard drives, flash drives, or any other removable storage device of your choosing.
  • Protect and store an unlimited number of files with the amount of storage only being limited by the size of your external hard drive.
  • Automatically protect your secret files by releasing your external drive from your computer. The files will be close and secured automatically.
  • Keep your secret files invisible on all platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Quickly open your hidden files with instant storage access.
  • Protect your data by hiding your files and directories without changing the file structure, eliminating the risk of file corruption.

* You will need to format your storage drives in NTFS format.
** Administrator rights will be required to create NTFS storage space.


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