These are the pokies you might want to try

Everybody like a little game for money, isn't it? But the choice of pokies online is just so huge that it is not so easy to navigate these waters. At we have sat down and come up with a few valuable points about pokies in general. More importantly though, we wanted to give you some hints about which of those slots will potentially pay out the most to you.

There are many players out there who are rather new to this. Maybe they will be surprised by what they find out until the end. But some things are just basics you might want to take on board if you plan to play pokies in the future. We look at certain characteristics of these slots, like their variance or also whether they maybe have a jackpot or not.

Understand the key concepts

One thing that should really help you to understand pokies a little bit better would be to study their general conception. Rather "ordinary" games have winnings only on pre-defined winning lines across the reels and symbols. More sophisticated pokies however have extra symbols, which trigger additional features and bonus games. The features and bonus games can lead to an increase in winnings as well - and they bring more fun!

An important part of the game's description is usually about the jackpot. First up you should always try to find out whether pokies have a jackpot. And if this is the case, you should also know whether it is a normal jackpot or a progressive jackpot. The latter is unlimited in size and grows with every little wager from every player who plays said game with real money.

The concept of variance

Another handy piece of information to gather is the variance. It describes how often you can expect wins and how large they could be. As you may have guessed, pokies can be in different ranges of variance. Generally you would distinguish between high and low variance. But there are a number of slots that move in between what is generally accepted as high or low variance for slots.

High variance means that there is a wide range between the lowest and highest wins. Only rarely you would score a really meaningful sum as a win, but this would then be a really nice sum. On the other end of the scale there are the low variance slots. They offer you rather regular wins. The winning sum will generally be lower. Winnings also tend to be much more regular.

Winnings that went around the world

Some games are known for outrageously high maximum wins. Usually these would be the progressive jackpot slots. There, winnings can easily reach amounts in the millions of dollars. The world record is in the region of 20 million NZD. Who actually won this is not quite clear. But the name of the game is well-known since then at least. Mega Moolah is the game with the highest jackpot sums.

The biggest jackpots accrue when they are progressive jackpots and maybe even combined, with inputs from several games. Multiple games means more players participating in growing the jackpot. Keep in mind however, that you should not expect to win a jackpot at all. It takes a lot of luck to make it that far. At the same time you may already have spent a lot of money for your bets.


How to increase your chances

Trying to have an influence on the pokies will not work. Their outcomes and results are steered by the random number generators that form a part of the software that is running the games. These generators are usually checked regularly for their fairness. All the numbers that result from there are completely random and you can really only guess what is going to happen next on the colourful reels.

Some games tend to favour those who play with higher stakes however. Generally, it is slightly easier to win big if you bet big. This has to do with the higher wager rather than with actual skills or tactics though. Also, it only works in the good cases. Anytime you have a bad streak, you would just lose more if you were to participate with more money than before.