Play Keno Game

There are several casino games offered by online casinos, and keno is one of these games. Keno is a luck-based game that has its roots in 16th century China. The game follows similar rules and pattern as lotteries and bingo. Even if you are a total novice to casino games, you will find keno to be an easy game to play. In this extensive casino game guide, our expert will explain how to play the game. Visit online-casino-nz to read detail reviews of online casinos.

Keno is a game played with a ticket. The tickets also in most cases called scorecards, have numbers usually between 1 to 80 imprinted on them. There are a few versions of online keno which comes with 120 numbers. The main goal of any keno game regardless of its variation is for players to guess which numbers will be chosen out of all the numbers on the keno scorecard. You will need to mark the numbers which you guess on the keno ticket.

Raffle Draw in Keno

Some versions of keno permit players to mark as much as ten numbers on the ticket. We recommend that you check the rules that apply in the keno version you are playing so that you can know the minimum and maximum numbers you are allowed to select. Once are done with selecting your lucky numbers, the next phase of the game is the raffle draw. During the raffle draw, some numbered balls will be selected at random out of all balls available.

If you get lucky enough and the numbers on balls selected are the same as those you market on your ticket, then you've won. Payout in keno is determined by how many of the numbers you marked ends up being selected. One of the good things that comes with playing online keno is that you can always access the payout information any time you want to. You can also play the free keno games online as a way to get familiar with the rules of the game.


Choosing a Top Keno Casino

Although keno is an interesting game to play, if you want the best experience playing the real money version, you need to ensure that you choose a good casino to play at. There are many keno casinos online but not all these casinos are considered to be a good choice. There are even somewhat may have been blacklisted by reviewers in the iGaming community. So make sure you do your research well when selecting a casino that offers keno so that you can avoid the bad ones.

You should always check if the keno casino you want to open an account with is licensed by a known and respected gaming commission. Some of the best and strictest commissions that license top online casinos are the UKCG and MGA. It is also paramount that you take into consideration the versions of keno available for you to play, as well as the different deposit and withdrawal payment methods supported. Don't also forget to check the bonuses offered for keno games and the customer support.